The Multimedia Ministry provides visual and media needs to the congregation for services and special meetings.

It’s 21st century and media is a huge part of the way we do church. With so many media venues, there is no way that one person has the knowledge or expertise to handle it all. Putting together a church media department is a necessary
part of ministering effectively. How do you do it?

There is no easy answer. When it comes to media, the options are legion. How to put together a church media department depends on the size of the church, the nature of the worship, the budget, the involvement of the congregation, and
a host of other issues. It depends even more on what types of media the church will be using. There are a lot of things that fall under the broad category of “media” – podcasting, blogs, email updates, electronic newsletters, well
polls, powerpoint sermons, lights, bulletin designs, flyers, advertisements, music recording, computer maintenance and repair, data projectors, music slides, CD duplication, internet accounts, telephones, welcome videos, special
event videos, sound quality, sermon recording, twitter account, facebook account, sermons on youtube…the list goes on and on.

A church media department can begin with a single person-someone who is gift with organizational abilities and familiar with technology. It doesn’t have to be a pastor or a full-time staff member. It doesn’t need to be a media guru
with a high-tech background. It simply needs to be someone who volunteers for the position, is recognized by the church leadership, and who is assigned the task of bringing order to the church’s media.