Since its formation, Information Technology Company, SUNSHINE NIGERIA LIMITED (SNL) has pioneered the way in solving clients’ real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology. Having been intimately involved with government
and commercial large-scale enterprise computing, including IBM mainframe technology, for years, it’s a one-stop provider of data processing system/process design, development, implementation, management, evaluation, and certification.

Extensive research and analysis of customer environments ensures the right solutions, satisfying clients by exceeding quality expectations and delivering projects on time and budget. SNL’s commitment to continuous IT research and development
arena is invaluable and unparalleled. This increased value is the cornerstone of SNL’s success in delivering innovative alternatives and solutions to customers.

We offer smart industrial security and automation solutions with a comprehensive approach beyond just network security. We protect the integrity and availability of your complex automation solutions. Our industrial security services will help you effectively assess, implement, and maintain industrial control system (ICS) security within operations. We enable transformational know-how that relies on enterprise connectivity. The security landscape is ever-changing so you need a partner who will help you manage the constantly evolving risk. To do that effectively, we apply our advanced smart automation and security solutions through rapid customization to meet your deployment needs.

We Expertise In:

Smart Home Automation

Voice/ motion control System

Robotics / PLC/ SCADA / CNC programming

Drones (UAV) Surveillance and Security Systems

Wired/ wireless CCTV Security System

Sensors and actuators

ATS/ Solar Power system

Fire alarm systems

Electric fencing/ Automatic Gate

Ethernet Switches/ Adaptors

Network installations/ Security System

Smart monitoring systems

Access control solutions

Explosion proofed

CCTV cameras

Telecommunication solutions

Staff attendance management

Computer/ accessories

Network engineer

CCTV security installation

Smart homes installation

FTTH/FTTO (Fiber to the home/fiber to the office)

DSTV installations

Electrical installations


We satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations of quality and level of service


We perform research and development efforts in search of innovative solutions


Results driven solutions enabling customers to exceed potential and lower their costs


Solving problems while providing the most efficient and cost saving solutions possible