You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken


Before you can convert visitors to leads and leads to sales (optimized through a usability audit), you must have traffic to your website. The first step to increasing the organic traffic to your website from search engines is to perform an SEO audit.

We conduct this service as part of an SEO campaign, but also as a stand-alone service for those who want an initial understanding of how their website stands up to the signals search engines look at. From technical SEO to on-page content to analyzing backlinks, we cover all the bases in this comprehensive look at your organic profile.

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Ask yourself...

  • Is your content written to rank highly in the search engines?
  • Does your website rank on the first page in the search results for relevant searches?
  • Do you have hooks out on the Internet (social media, backlinks) to generate more traffic to your website?
  • Are there major factors holding you back from higher rankings in the search engines?
  • Is your content coded properly to rank highly in the search engines?
  • Does your website function well on mobile devices?
  • Is your website being properly indexed by the search engines?

If you’re unsure about the answer to these questions, or if you want us to perform an SEO audit to identify major areas of improvement, contact us to start a dialog.

Improving Website Rankings:
A deep dive into ranking factors

Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml

A detailed look at your robots.txt to ensure it’s present and set up correctly, and a review of your sitemap.xml file to ensure it is complete and accurate.

Mobile Compatibility

Manual verification of mobile compatibility with the most popular phones and tablets.

Keyword Research

Extensive keyword/keyphrase research to establish the keywords your website and content should be focused on to drive organic traffic to your website.

Current Search Engine Rankings

A report of how you rank today for the identified keywords/keyphrases to establish a benchmark.

Content & Meta Tags Review

A complete review of the quality and quantity of your content and meta tags as it relates to the impact on your search engine results.

Code Review

A review of the code that makes up your website to uncover any major underlying problems that impact your ability to rank better.

Indexing and Errors

A scan of your website to look for issues related to the indexing of your website by search engines, as well as any errors.

Site Speed

An analysis of how fast various pages on your website load. This usually results in a few things that can be adjusted to have a big impact on load time.

Google My Business Optimization

An analysis of your Google My Business (GMB) account to determine if Google is reporting any issues causing your website to be penalized.

Redirects and URL Structure

A detailed look at all 301 and 302 redirects on your website, as well as your overall URL structure to determine if it could be improved for better rankings.

Backlinks / Outbound Links / Broken Links Analysis

A scan and report of detected backlinks to your website, as well as outbound links and broken links on your website.

Competitor Analysis

An investigation of your competitors, including direct competitors and those who may not be a direct competitor, but are outranking you on the search engines.

Schema Markup

An analysis of your website to determine if you have schema markup implemented or implemented properly.

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