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The most common thing people tell us when they contact us for the first time is that the person handling their website now doesn’t respond to them or make their changes promptly. If that is a pain point for you, look no further. Artonic has been revered for our amazing support since the day we opened our doors nearly two decades ago. Providing fast turn-around time on support requests has been at the core of our philosophy from day one.

Our process for requesting support couldn’t be easier. Simply email our support email address and a support ticket will be opened for you automatically. Your ticket is then assigned to the most appropriate expert on our team to handle your request within an hour or two. From there, the expert assigned to your ticket will complete the request and communicate back to you with any questions, or to inform you that your request has been completed. Easy, fast, and cost-effective.

We're here when you need us

Availability 24/7/365

We monitor for requests every single day of the year

Quick Turn-Around

Most tickets are completed within 24-48 hours.

Emergency Requests

Emergency requests are worked on right away.

Request support in the way that works for you


Email our support email address to submit your request


Call any time during normal hours to talk to someone


Fill out our support form to open a ticket


Do support plan hours roll over if I don't use them all each year?

Yes! All hours occurred as part of your support plan, and any additionally purchased hours, roll over indefinitely as long as you are active on our support plan.

Do you round your time up?

While most agencies have a one hour minimum per support request and round up to the nearest hour after that, at Artonic, there is just a 15 minute minimum and all support time is tracked to the minute after the 15 minute mark.

Will Artonic support my existing website built by someone else?

Yes! We are able to support most websites, even if they were built by someone else.

How much does Website Support cost?

web support

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